• Escape Room Becerril

    Plaza Mayor 1, lateral izquierdo, 34310 Becerril de Campos, Palencia .

    An escape room or Escape Room is a game of physical and mental adventure that consists of a group of players who are locked in a room where they must solve puzzles and puzzles of all kinds to unravel the story and get "escape" before Finish the available time.

    Theme: Nasa Infiltration

    My father, Edwin Adams, was a photographer at NASA who was fired for refusing to destroy photographs that claimed there was intelligent life on the moon. Since then he tried to show the world what they were hiding from the Apollo 11 mission. With the help of a security guard you have to access the one that was his office and get the evidence that reveals this secret.

    We have 60 minutes to get it! The world has to know the truth! You have to help us!

  • San Pedro Cultural

    Calle San Pedro, s/n, 34310 Becerril de Campos, Palencia .

    Astronomical center .Place that goes from being a church in ruins to an exhibition of how to measure time and observe the stars.

    Guided visits. Consult program of cultural activities and concerts at every moment.


  • Museo de Arte Sacro Santa María

    Calle de Santa María s/n 34310 Becerril de Campos (Palencia) .

    Church converted into a museum in 1996 houses the best Sacred Art collection within the region in rural areas.

    Outstanding works of Alejo de Bahia who set his residence in Becerril in the late fifteenth century, getting a more than acceptable economic position. In this town he organized a prosperous workshop that supplied a wide but modest market, mainly to the area of ​​Valladolid and Palencia.

    Guided tours for groups of at least 25 people booking on the phone 979 83 34 31 or e-mail

  • Museo del canal

    Casa del Rey, Ramal de Campos. Villaumbrales. 34192 Palencia. Teléfono: 979 833 114 .


    It consists of two floors and through information panels and old objects details the history of the Castilla channel and the different uses of this waterway.

    The ground floor houses a large model of the road around which runs a technified footbridge that allows to see from a bird's-eye view all the paths of the three branches that make up the work, the North, the South and the Campos.


    From October 1 to May 15

    Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 hours

    * outside of these hours, consult on 979833114

    From May 16 to September 30

    Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    Phone: 979 833 114

  • Canal de Castilla

    Calle Orilla del Río s/n 34310 Becerril de Campos (Palencia) .

    THE CANAL DE CASTILLA, is one of the most important projects of civil engineering of the Illustrated Spain, the main objective of its construction was to serve as a fluvial way of communication and transport that solved the problem of isolation to which the Castilian and Leonese plateau was subjected , due to a complicated orography and a poor and poorly maintained road network, which made it difficult and almost impossible to transport the agricultural surpluses of the region, mostly cereals.

  • Laguna de la Nava

    Laguna de la Nava, Fuentes de Nava (Palencia) .

    Called in the past "the Sea of ​​Fields", it was able to occupy some 4,000 hectares for some years, nowadays it is a completely artificial wetland, recovered.

    The lagoon has an extension of 307 hectares, divided into two equal parts, separated by the road that joins Mazariegos with Fuentes de Nava and with different regime of use. One of the halves is dedicated exclusively to conservation (birds) and the other is used together with the farmers of Fuentes de Nava (grazing). In these last 150 hectares, conservation and grazing coexist in perfect harmony.

    From October to March: Flooding of the lagoon coinciding with the arrival of thousands of anatidae (geese and ducks) to winter and start of the pre-nuptial migration.

    From April to June: high water levels are maintained. It is the time of the spring migratory steps and part of the breeding. La Nava is full of vegetation.

    From July to September: the Nava goes dry. The breeding ends and the autumnal migratory passage takes place.

    The lagoon of the Nava, is one of the most important spaces of the whole Autonomous Community from the faunistic point of view. There are cataloged 253 species of vertebrates, highlighting undoubtedly the 221 species of birds, which account for slightly more than 41% of the bird species of Spain, including the Islands.

    More info:

    “Centro de Estudios Ambientales y Albergue de Tierra de Campos”

    Corro Postigo, 1
    34337- Fuentes de Nava (Palencia)
    Tfno: 979.84.23.98 Fax: 979.84.23.99
    Correo electrónico:

  • Iglesia Museo de Santa Eulalia

    Plaza España, 34300 Paredes de Nava, Palencia .


    Inside the main altarpiece where are the tables of the famous painter Pedro Berruguete and sculptures of Esteban Jordan and Inocencio Berruguete, it is also worth mentioning the Mudejar yesera pulpit and the choir that is made of ashlar masonry and walnut grating and the Iberian organ baroque, work of Tadeo Ortega.

    Opening days from Tuesday to Sunday.

    • Winter Schedule: In the morning from 11:00 a.m  to 13:15.p.m. In the afternoon from 16:00 to 18:15 p.m.
    • Summer Schedule: In the morning from 13:30 p.m. In the Afternoon from 16:30 to 19:30 p.m.
    • Adults 2€.
    • Children up to 14 years old 1€.
  • Casa de los Títeres

    Calle Santa María, 34300 Paredes de Nava (Palencia) .

    The Casa de los Títeres shows the tradition of the puppets as a theatrical art that is present in many cultures of the world. It gathers one of the most complete existing collections in which you can see a great variety of puppets from the five continents.

    The Casa de los Títeres is directed by Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, creator of the company of the same name in 1979. Since then he has developed shows, workshops and courses in a large part of Spain and Latin America until arriving in the town of Paredes de Nava where locates in a stable way the CASA DE LOS TÍTERES and where they are offered: Guided visits for school children and groups, Assembly and production of shows, Construction of masks, giants and big heads, Workshops for children, youth and adults, Library about Marionette Theater. .

     Teléfono. 646 821 712



  • Golf Grijota

    Urbanización Ciudad del golf - Ctra Comarcal 613, s/n - Grijota - Palencia .

    Telf: 979 98 02 21

    GPS: Lat 42.048081 / Lon -4.577736

    11 min. far from the hotel. 

    Designed by Jerónimo Arroyo and Francisco Álvarez, occupies an area of ​​17 hectares, 9 holes and two different routes, formed mostly by large number of lakes, bunkers and obstacles that make the difficulty of them is so interesting to attract not only to players from the capital and province, but, which has also been and is being attractive for players from the rest of Spain that every year and despite the short age of the field, they begin to take as a reference Grijota Golf to spend great moments of fun .

  • Un paseo por Becerril

    Plaza Mayor 34310 Becerril de Campos (Palencia) .

    The Junta de Castilla y León declared the village of Becerril de Campos as a Site of Cultural Interest with a Historic Site category on July 7, 2004.

    The town had seven churches and several hermitages. The village that once was the most abundant in number of clerics and only surpassed by Carrión in terms of the number of churches or places dedicated to worship, has seen how the passage of time has taken memories, art and history.

    Arch of the entrance, known as 'Puerta de la Villa' or 'Arco de Santa María', ogival style of the eighteenth century and the only remaining remains of the old medieval wall that surrounded the town.

    El Humilladero, a small building of the sixteenth century as a simple testimony of Christian piety located on the edge of the road next to the Old Fountain where the traveler or traveler humbled himself when passing through this devout place.

    The Church of San Miguel in Gothic style is oriented to the southern end of the town. It consists of a single nave, brick tower at the foot and chapel. On the high altar, he had a beautiful plateresque altarpiece that was sold in 1943 and moved to the chapel of the working neighborhood of Venta de Baños.

    The Church of San Martín was built in the 16th century, although the only remaining part of it today is the Mudejar tower of the 14th century. How other churches of the town the entrance to it is through an atrium and a portico with Romanesque columns.

    Between 1904 and 1909 the current Town Hall was built, located in the central square of the town. In the place occupied long ago by schools, prisons and old portals. The main facade that is topped with a clock tower, not only draws attention in terms of its structure and decoration but also by the educational phrases or moral sayings that they read under their windows and that they may be due to a purely educational intention, since as we said in this building the schools were housed. Open all year round from Monday to Friday during office hours (9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.). Free access.


    • E-mail:
    • Teléfono: 979 83 33 66

    The church of Santa Eugenia is the only one open to worship today.

    In front is the fountain of the square or source of the pipes.

  • Campos del Renacimiento Museo Territorial

    Iglesia de Santa María - Museo Territorial Campos del Renacimiento, Calle Santa María, Becerril de Campos, Spain .

    The Campos del Renacimiento Territorial Museum is a unique exhibition project that seeks to revalue the important cultural heritage housed in the Palencia region of Tierra de Campos. In four of its towns (Becerril de Campos, Paredes de Nava, Cisneros and Fuentes de Nava) you can see one of the largest concentrations of Renaissance art in our country. Campos del Renacimiento, therefore, offers an exceptional opportunity to visit unique pieces of art in the places where they were conceived, in addition to visiting the same spaces in which Pedro and Alonso Berruguete, Jorge Manrique, Alejo de Vahía or Francisco Giralte lived together in these four locations.

    More information and ticket reservation both for one of the venues and for the entire route at:





  • Museo de los Cuentos y la Ciencia

    Pl. Vallejo Nájera, 1, 34300 Paredes de Nava, Palencia .

    Un museo que explica la ciencia en los cuentos. 

    Rosana Largo es la artista que da vida a este museo.

    Su obra muestra 12 cuentos clásicos y su relación con el mundo de la ciencia. La conjunción final es muy interesante y lleva a los niños y mayores a comprender la realidad a través de la fantasía. 

    ¡No te lo pierdas y ven a vivir la magia!

    Teléfono: 658866686