THE UNIVERSE ABOUT US - Night field trip and stargazing

The meteor shower known as the Perseids is predicted, in 2022, from July 17 to August 24. During the night of July 23 to 24, the moon will rise very early that night and will also be almost new, the forecast is to have a spectacular starry sky. We will know what the Perseid phenomenon is due to, the origin of its name and many other curiosities. In addition, we will talk about the best-known constellations and the planets that we can observe that night, legends, mythology, and we will learn some practical tricks to orient ourselves (in space and in time) thanks to a starry sky... without gps no mobiles. We will leave Becerril in a group and we will go on foot to a point where we can avoid, as far as possible, light pollution. There we will lie on the ground to contemplate the sky from a different perspective.

Date, time and place: July 23 - 9:00 p.m. Sanmartina Hotel

More information and reservations: www.turimopalenci

Activity prices: €12/person.