Sanmartina Hotel, is a Rural Hotel located in the heart of the Meseta de Castilla, between cereal fields and vineyards, on the banks of the Canal de Castilla and in the Renaissance Lands.

It owes its name to who owned the house in other times, La Sanmartina, woman of good and of the land.
It is located in a village of just 800 inhabitants, eminently agricultural, Becerril de Campos, who knows a lot about taking the fruit out of the earth, and waiting and looking at the sky.

And it is like that, looking at the horizon, infinite in this land, as the town reinvents itself, opening its doors to the visitor to show all its cultural wealth, impressive Museum of Sacred Art, traditional architecture, Mudéjar Tower, and the renewed Church of San Pedro which becomes a meeting space and a machine to measure the time where to contemplate the stars.

The hotel is located in the past, in a typical house that remained closed for more than 40 years and its Castilian structure shines, mixing the decoration with current elements that allow the light to flood everything, providing a pleasant and serene atmosphere. It has 7 very comfortable rooms, large common areas and a garden of 850 square meters that invites you to rest.

It opens its doors on December 17, 2018 after more than two years of intense work with the mission of contributing to the sustainability of its environment and the vision of providing a quality service that allows the traveler to savor the tranquility and cultural and environmental richness from our land.